The following information is based on the Electrical Engineering Diploma programme.

Based on the education & training landscape in South Africa, there are various options to progress to occupy various positions after qualifying or articulate during your study period.

  1. After passing the 4 prescribed subjects at each level, N4 (equivalent to 40-credits), N5 (equivalent to 40-credits) & N6 (equivalent to 40-credits) over the 3 trimesters in the first study year, the student accumulates 120-credits.
  2. To qualify for the National N Diploma, a 360-credit SAQA-accredited qualification on NQF Level 6, the student must accumulate 240 credits through WIL (Work Integrated Learning) over an additional 2 years above the 120-credits in (1) above.
  3. Montwood College will make every attempt with their industry partners to assist in securing WIL.
  4. Learners of Montwood who have acquired work experience that cover tasks in compliance with the official WIL Log Book of Montwood and National requirements will be evaluated in accordance with the RPL policy of the college, to follow the exemption and credit route.
  5. Learners who complete part or full learnership or apprenticeship programmes will be evaluated in accordance with the RPL policy of the college, provided the tasks follow the WIL Log Book of Montwood and National requirements.

With the large number of matriculants attempting to enter universities, it is impossible to accommodate all qualifying students. Therefore, it is advisable for students to register at Montwood College on N4-N6 programme, subject to meeting entry requirements, to articulate or progress to the UoT (University of Technology) that offers the Diploma programme, based on the UoT rules, where the student will not commence at the first level of study in the respective subject/s at the UoT. Some information regarding the FET & UoT Diploma, & progression from the FET College to UoT:

  • Due to the transition of UoT’s from former Technikons, some UoT’s still offer Diploma programmes although some of them, through the new HEQSF, have stopped offering the Diploma programme.
  • The Diploma study programme at the UoT is 360-credits on the NQF Level 6, comprising 2-year classroom studies of 240-credits & 1-year WIL of 120-credits
  • The Diploma study programme at Montwood College is 360-credits on the NQF Level 6, comprising 1-year classroom studies of 120-credits & 2-years WIL of 240-credits
  • If a Montwood College student wishes to progress to a degree programme at the UoT, the student will need to apply to be exempted from specific subjects, based on the UoT rules, to firstly articulate to their Diploma programme, then to progress onto their Degree programme.
  • Montwood College conducts an exit assessment (practical/theory) through their panel of Professors & Engineers when students are ready to enter industry after N6.

NB. It is important to note that whilst the pass mark in the college sector is 40% and 50% in the university sector it is through conscientious guidance that the student must be prepared accordingly, for any articulation or progression career path.